Bee Removal Service in Palm Desert, CA

At Killer Bee Pest Control Inc., we provide cost-effective, high-quality bee removal and preventative beekeeping services to clients in Desert Springs, CA. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to humanely remove honeybees and killer bees, along with their nests. We provide beehive removal, bee extermination, and live honey bee removal services.

We Remove Bees with Ease!

As the experts in bee removal, we’re ready to remove any bees from your property. We’re the premier bee exterminator in Desert Springs, Bonnie Bell, North Palm Springs, and Morongo Valley, CA, and our team is always prepared to perform honeybee and killer bee removals. If a bee nest has taken over a portion of your house, we’ll complete a full bee nest removal.

If you’d prefer that we relocate the bees that invaded your home or property, we’re happy to handle live bee removals as well. Many Californians who are conscientious about the environment choose live bee removals. We maintain an ongoing commitment to preserving the global bee population. We perform humane live honey bee removal service in which we safely relocate these insects to our 40-acre farm, where their hives will flourish undisturbed.

Preventative Beekeeping

If you find yourself calling us every year to make an appointment with our bee exterminators, we recommend investing in preventative measures to keep these bugs at bay. We’ll set up circular cardboard swarm traps around the exterior of your home or commercial building. These traps use pheromones to attract bees. Preventative beekeeping is more budget-friendly than annual bee removals, especially for commercial properties.

Trusted by Property Experts

In Desert Springs, CA, we’re the top resource for commercial property bee removal services and beehive removal. Our team knows how to remove honeybees and killer bees from roofs, columns, steeples, stucco, irrigation boxes, water boxes and more. Whether you own a retail building or oversee the maintenance of a multifamily housing community, we’re happy to help you with your bee problem.


Since 1999, we’ve worked with

Commercial property managers
Homeowners associations (HOAs)
Property management companies
Realtors and real estate professionals


Don’t let a bee nest hamper your safety and your enjoyment of the outdoor spaces surrounding your home or commercial building. Instead, call Killer Bee Pest Control Inc. now at 760-346-3847 to schedule a bee removal appointment. Contact us today!