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At Killer Bee Pest Control Inc., we specialize in bee removal service and preventative beekeeping. As a renowned beekeeping company in Desert Springs, CA, we’re proud to serve the community as a top-rated provider of honeybee and killer bee removals. Since 1999, homeowners, realtors, HOAs and commercial property managers have turned to us whenever problems with bees arise.

Your Source for Expert Honeybee and Killer Bee Removal

As a fully licensed pest control and beekeeping company, we provide the highest quality bee removal service to our residential and commercial clients. Whether you need a bee exterminator or live bee removal, our team can travel anywhere in the Desert Springs, CA area to get the job done right.

While we know how important bees are to our environment, no one wants to live with a bee nest on their property. Not only are bee nests an eyesore, but they also present a severe safety hazard for those allergic to bee stings. Instead of leaving them to fly around your home or business, we’ll remove the bee nest and relocate it to our 40-acre farm.

We’re proud to offer our community the top-rated local bee control and removal service at affordable rates. Don’t let a bee problem get out of control before someone gets hurt or the hive causes damage to your property. We’re here to effectively and humanely relocate honey and killer bee nests from your home or business.

Our bee exterminators travel just about anywhere in the Desert Springs, CA area, including Anaheim, Indio and San Bernardino
In our beautiful climate, bees are a common problem for residential and commercial property owners. The weather conditions here create a perfect environment for bees to thrive. To accommodate living in a setting where bees flourish, we specialize in bee removal and proactive beekeeping services.
We specialize in proactive beekeeping to keep these insects away from your property.
We provide both extermination and humane relocation services for honeybees and killer bees.
If you prefer live bee removal, we will humanely relocate bees to our 40-acre farm.
We’re a fully licensed pest control business and bee specialist.

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Don’t let a bee nest overtake your property. Instead, contact Killer Bee Pest Control Inc. in Desert Springs, CA now to schedule an appointment for bee removal or extermination service.